Hayden and I at the races

Sunday, July 11, 2010

winter madness

Well today has been a busy day, as well as a very cold day. I forget about winter and then it hunts me down and tortures me with -4degree weather and frosts, how rude.
So today was filled with work and then visiting my mother and cooking her dinner which was fabulous.
Tomorrow is the day my life gets a routine again:uni starts back and the real work begins. On the bright side my day starts at 1pm which means a long awaited sleep in and hopefully the sun will be out by then.
Finished up my job today so i'm free from it after a whole 4 and a half years wahoooo freedom :)
I am making the most of winter and snuggling up in my bed as much as possible, i may even go into hibernation.
I hope everyone had a good weekend.
Until next time goodbye :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi everyone, just like to make a shout out to Kimberley the greatest friend ever :).
So today has been a long day, worked two jobs as i started a new job and had to give notice at the other one which has been interesting. I cant wait until next weekend when i get my first day off in almost a month.
I got my uni results today for the first semester which weren't as good as i hoped but i will just have to work harder next semester and if all else fails i will learn a new profession i'm thinking chef or baker. Kimberley thinks i should become a chef cooking food for zoo animals, i wonder if that even exists, hopefully i don't have to ever find out!
On the upside i just had a lovely bowl of noodles for dinner at 9pm which went down a treat.
It's now time to get ahead with readings for uni in an attempt to pass and eventually gain a degree, wish me well.
Goodnight all. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Its a miserable day in christchurch which was my excuse for staying in bed until 11.30am, that and there are only two days left of my uni holidays and then the real work begins again.
Currently i am sitting beside the fire with a novel i am reading for a uni course it's Alice Walker's 'The third life of Orange Copeland' and so far it is suprisingly interesting.
So today is generally a lazy day around home which we all need now and again. I hope everyone else is enjoying their day also.
Bye for now, a new post tomorrow. :)
I've just added a photo of our family dog Xena, she's a rottweiler and is very adventurous. One day she even managed to make her way up onto the neighbour's roof while we were all out and was the least bit phased. I think this is a really cute picture of her.

First ever post :)

Hey everyone, first time i have done a blog so hopefully it goes well.
Thought i would write a little about myself to get started. I have four younger brothers: Gavin and Scott twins aged 18yrs, Hamish aged 5yrs and Andrew aged 3yrs. I live in Christchurch New Zealand. I am currently flatting with friends and study English and law (unsure yet if i will continue with this) fulltime at the university of canterbury, I am in my second year of study and am finding it very interesting and sometimes even enjoyable.
I have a great supportive group of family and friends and a special guy named Hayden.
I enjoy travel and spending time with friends. I'm going to the gold coast in December with Hayden which will be our first holiday together which we are both looking forward to.
Well i'm not sure what else to say so you will find out more in future posts.